What is a GlobalSIM?
    What's my phone number?
    How good is the signal/coverage?
    What are the call charges? 
    Does it support data use?
    How do I make a call?
    I get the message 'call barred' or 'restricted number' - what does this mean?
    How do people call me?
    How do I activate my GlobalSIM and how long will it last?
    What happens if I have a problem?
    My GlobalSIM is not working, what should I do?
    What happens if I lose my GlobalSIM?
    What is a locked phone?
    Will a GlobalSIM work in my handset?
    Will a GlobalSIM work in my SmartPhone?
    Which cruise ships will my GlobalSIM work on?
    What is a GlobalSIM card?
    A GlobalSIM allows a user to make and receive calls in multiple countries without paying expensive roaming charges. The GlobalSIM works in over 190 countries, using over 400 local Network Operators, making it a robust solution for multi-country travel. The call charges are straightforward and published on our website so that you always know how much a call will cost you.The service is prepaid - so you can add call credit in advance with no hidden charges - no call set-up or access charges.
    What's my phone number?
    The GlobalSIM is an international mobile service based out of Estonia and therefore the mobile number has a +372 prefix. The cost to call the GlobalSIM will depend on how much your network provider or fixed line carrier charges to call an Estonian mobile. For your ease, we have US tollfree numbers and UK mobile numbers available which make the cost of calling the GlobalSIM much cheaper. With rentals, it's just $10 for the one-time setup fee, and with purchases, there is an annual $25 fee. There is a $0.20 per minute surcharge to all incoming calls through the USA toll-free number and $0.25 per call for incoming calls through the UK Mobile number.
    How good is the signal/coverage?

    The GlobalSIM operates in over 190 countries around the world on over 400 networks. This means that in many countries you can actually make and receive calls on more than one network. The GlobalSIM will normally automatically select the strongest signal but it may be possible to manually select another network if required.

    The available network will be displayed in your handset if you selct 'manually search networks' (or something similiar) via your handset menu. Whichever of the available networks you choose; the call rates will always be the same. 

    What are the call charges?

    Simply click on the the Rates page to see the cost of calls in all countries covered by the service. Rates vary per country. Some countries have a charge for incoming calls as well, but over 95 countries include free incoming calls!

    Does it support data use?

    Yes, the GlobalSIM is GPRS compatible and in some countries 3G is also supported. Coverage currently extends to over 115 countries with multiple networks being available to connect to in some, providing a great solution to data on the move.

    Users will need to configure their handsets o take advantage of the service by installing settings provided either manually or sent over the air (OTA). 

    If your handset isnt covered by the OTA service, you may still be able to configure it manually using the following information:

    APN: send.ee

    Username: (your full GlobalSIM mobile number)

    Password: (leave blank)

    Data rates are per 10kb only, and are shown on the Rates page. You require a minimum airtime balance of $10 to use data services on the GlobalSIM. 

    How do I make a call?

    The GlobalSIM uses a clever process called 'call back'. It is a little different to how you would usually make a call on your mobile phone, but it is really easy to use. After dialing the number as you normally would call overseas, press send and wait. Within seconds your handset will ring - answer it as usual and you are connected.

    Every time you make a call:

    1. Dial the number using the full international code (even if you are in that country).

    For example, to dial a UK number (such as 0845-658-3410) from anywhere in the world you will need to dial 00-44-845-658-3410.

    2. Your handset will display a Calling... message.

    3. Within a few seconds your handset will ring.

    4. Answer the call as usual and you are connected.

    I get the message 'call barred' or 'restricted number' - what does this mean?

    If you see the message 'Call barred' or 'Restricted number' or 'Check operator services' it is because some handsets have software that means the way you can make a call requires a different dialling procedure. This is called Menu Calling.

    To make calls using this method, first locate the new Menu option for the GlobalSIM in your phone:

    iPhone: Settings-->Phone-->Sim Applications

    Blackberry: In the Main menu

    Nokia: The last item on the Main menu

    Sony Ericsson: In the Connectivity menu

    Motorola: In the Office Tools menu 

    Samsung: In the Applications menu

    Siemens: In the Main or Extras menu

    If your phone uses icons, look for the GlobalSIM icon.

    How do people call me?

    To call the GlobalSIM you must always dial the full international mobile number (including prefix) - for example, when calling from the USA, dial 011 as the prefix, followed by the number, so it would be 01137257261999.

    How do I activate my GlobalSIM and how long will it last?

    The GlobalSIM is preactivated, so there is no need to do anything other than simply fit the SIM into a compatible GSM handset and start using the service. If you are renting a handset from us, the phone comes ready to use.For rentals, the sim lasts up to and including the last day of rental as recorded on the order. For GlobalSIM sales, the sim itself expires after 2 years of no activity, and the funds on it expire after 6 months of no activity.

    What happens if I have a problem?

    No problem! We offer a range of contact methods which ensure you can always get in touch so we can assist. If you can not see the answer to your query in our FAQ's, you can either email us, at info@gcellular.com, or  give us a call on one of the numbers shown in the 'Contact Us' section.

    My GlobalSIM is not working, what should I do?

    1. Turn your phone Off then On.

    2. Check balance - If you are on manual refill, you ned credit on your account to make a phone call. Simply go into the GoSim menu on the phone and check balance or log into your personal login page on our website.

    3. Are you dialling the correct number? This is a common reason for problems when using the GlobalSIM. Please remember that you always have to dial numbers in their full international format.

    4. Do you have network coverage? Like any other mobile phone service, you need to have network coverage of more than one or two bars (as displayed on the handset screen). If you find coverage is low, try switching networks. Often a phone switch on/off will repair any temporary network issues.

    If you have followed the steps above, and still think you have a problem, you can contact us by email or phone, found in the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

    What happens if I lose my GlobalSIM?

    To shut off the line, you can either call or email us and we will shut the line for you. Our contact details are found in the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

    If you are renting a handset as well, we highly recommend you take an insurance plan with us as well, to avoid the high non-insured deductible for lost/stoeln phones.

    What is a locked phone?

    A locked phone is one that has been altered in order to use only one particular cellular provider (for example: T-Mobile, 02, Vodafone or Cingular etc). An unlocked phone is one where any restriction has been removed and therefore you can fit any SIM card.

    Many handsets are not locked at all. Some handsets however are "locked" by the supplying network to operate with their specific network SIM card.

    The easiest way to find out if your handset is locked is to borrow a different network SIM card from a friend and fit it to your handset. If you see any of the following messages your handset is probably locked:

    • SIM Card Not Accepted

    • Enter Restriction Code

    • Enter Special Code

    • Enter Subsidy Code

    • Enter Subsidy Password

     If you need your handset unlocked, you have 3 options:

    1. Visit your local retailer or service centre to unlock your handset. Prices will vary so we advise you to call in advance and ensure they can unlock your particular model.

    2. Contact your usual network provider. They can usually provide this service but it tends to be more expensive than the options above and may involve sending your phone away.

    3. Search online for unlocking websites.

    Remember, once your handset is unlocked you are free to use a GSM SIM card as many times as you like - so you can continue to make massive savings on your calls in the future!

    Will a GlobalSIM work in my handset?

    The GlobalSIM is designed to work with all mobile GSM handsets. In reality, GlobalSIM works with almost all handsets in the usual way but a few handset models may require you to make calls and send text messages using the GOSIM menu that will appear in your phone once the GlobalSIM is fitted.

    Some mobile phone Networks operate on different frequency bands so it is important to check that your mobile phone is compatible with the Network in the country where you want to use it.

    Until recently there were 3 GSM bands used across the world:

    * 900MHz

    * 1800MHz

    * 1900MHz

    Tri-Band GSM mobile phones operate on all three of these frequency bands although most modern European mobile phones will work on at least two frequencies: 900 and 1800 MHz (known as Dual Band GSM).

    1900MHz is typically used in the Americas, so a transatlantic traveller would be well advised to opt for a triband (1900MHz) mobile phone. However, in the Americas some networks operate exclusively on 850 MHz. A mobile phone that is designed to operate on all four of these frequency bands is called Quad Band (850 Mhz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz).

    Will a GlobalSIM work in my SmartPhone?

    Yes, although due to the complexities of these devices they often operate with our SIM card slightly differently to regular handsets.

    In HTC handsets you can only make outgoing calls by keying *146* followed by the full international number followed by #.

    With Blackberry devices the level of complexity depends on the model being used but if the Blackberry desktop is set to the Network’s own version, then the GlobalSIM menu does not appear. Users need to set the desktop to default and then the GlobalSIM menu is located in Tools > Applications.

    *146* followed by the full international number and then '#' is also only way to make outgoing calls once the default desktop is restored.

    Depending on the Blackberry model type (if 7200 series) the GO-SIM menu can be found within the main screen desktop icons; under sub heading (SIM card) which should read GO-SIM Menu once opened - it's after the Search icon and right before the Options icon. Alternatively, the GO-SIM menu can be found within the Options Folder under sub heading 'SIM CARD'. However you may need to change phone settings profile to 'default - On' or 'phone only - On' to display/access GO-SIM menu file (varies from model to model).

    If using a Blackberry 8830, you need to go to "Manage Connections" and ensure "Data Services" is "Off" and then cycle the power. If you turn the "Data Services" to "On" the whole system fails and will not reset by just turning the Data Services “Off”.

    Blackberry Curve users should select the Blackberry feature and then Applications and the GO-SIM menu is located in there.

    General data will work with a Blackberry, however Blackberry specific data and services, such as BBM, is not currently supported.

    With the iPhone you need to use the GO-SIM menu to make calls which is located under: Settings-->Phone-->SIM applications.

    Which cruise ships will my GlobalSIM work on?

    Your GlobalSIM will work on the following cruise ships:

    Blue de France, Deutschland, Elli T, Ionian King, Ionian Queen, Ionian Sky, Martín i Soler, Mecklenburg, Moby Wonder, Moby Freedom, Moby Aki, Moby Tommy, Moby Drea, Moby Corse, Moby Vincent, Moby Otta, Moby Fantasy, Ocean Dream, Penelope A, Polaris, Polonia, Princess Benedicte, Prince Richard, Prins Joachim, Rigel, Sassnitz, Schleswig-Holstein, Sea Cloud II, Seatrade, Skania, Snav Toscana, Snav Sardegna, Superfast VII, Superfast VIII