Rent a GlobalSIM
    Rent a GlobalSIM
    Rent a SIM card for just $1 a day!*
    You can rent a handset at no extra cost! You can insure the handset rental phone for just $1 a day. Insurance covers normal damage to your handset (water and/or extreme damage are not covered). Deductible on insurance claims outside of covered damaged and for lost/stolen phones is $100. The replacement fee on non-insured handsets is $250. Lost/stolen SIM cards incur a $20 fee.
    * Seven day minimum required   
    Find yourself running out of minutes?
    With GlobalSIM's automatic refill service, you'll never run out of minutes again. When you choose your prepaid plan, simply pick your refill amount in advance and your balance will be refilled automatically wherever you are.
    If you prefer to refill your minutes manually, call our customer service department, or just login to the website and buy additional minutes.
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